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  • On-Demand Course Only

    The on-demand course itself does not include 1-on-1 coaching or a review of Assignments.

  • On-Demand + 1-on-1 Coaching

    This option includes all the benefits of the on-demand course, plus Individual review and feedback of assignments and Personal Branding Assets you create; AND 1 one-hour 1-on-1 coaching session.

More Testimonials


Harry N. COO

“Game Changer! My eyes opened to how much potential there is for me to up my game for job my search. Highly recommend this intense and effective workshop for a practical step-by-step road map with coaching for pivoting up and putting on your ‘A’ game in your job search and career moving forward.”


Suzanne E.

“Greg, your 8-week ‘Take Your Career Above The Rim’ coaching workshop was instrumental in preparing me for attaining my new role at AWS.” (Amazon Web Services)

Wish I did it sooner!

Jim A. VP Operations & Logistics

“Just completed Greg’s eight-week program. I have worked with other outplacement programs, but really wish I started my transition with his program. I learned so many new insights and strategies along with creating new documents and great feedback on all my career assets. It was invaluable and well worth the investment.”

Your Gain

Upon completion of this course you will learn the building blocks to create game changing Personal Brand and Interview Collateral. The Bottom Line? Previous participants have leveraged these game-changing branding documents to not only open the door to new opportunities, but to close the deal and land career growing opportunities.

  • Special Reports

  • Proposals

  • 30-60-90 Day Plans

Course curriculum

    1. Game-Changing Branding Collateral: Special Reports - Slide Deck & Notes

    2. Game-Changing Branding Collateral: Special Reports

    3. Special Reports - Assignment

    1. Game-Changing Branding Collateral: Proposal - Slide Deck & Notes

    2. Game-Changing Branding Collateral: Proposals

    1. Game-Changing Branding Collateral: 30-60-90 Day Plans - Slide Deck & Notes

    2. Game-Changing Branding Collateral: 30-60-90 Day Plans

    3. 30-60-90 Day Plan - Assignment

About this course

  • $174.00
  • 8 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content